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Welcome to our site, a review service dedicated to providing common sense reviews. We won’t dive into underlying themes, discuss how the director’s breakfast influenced the ending or suggest that the Star Wars movies were only produced as a way to control the toy market in the 70’s and 80’s. Instead, we take a no-nonsense angle into movie reviewing, we’ll be brief, to the point and ultimately let you know whether it’s worth a watch.

Our team is filled with a variety of movie fans with a love for all types of genres. You’ll likely be thankful to hear our reviews will not just be limited to indie movies, although it will focus on them, but we can’t resist sharing our opinions on the latest blockbuster.

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We’re up and running:

We’re officially up and running, with our first review of Daniel Radcliffe’s Guns Akimbo and our take on Netflix’s new horror trilogy Fear Street.

A huge thank you to everyone who has helped set the website up and get us up and running way ahead of schedule.

We hope you enjoy reading our reviews and ask for your honest feedback, without it we can’t get better.

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