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Top 10 Upcoming Films for 2022 – From Fighter Pilots to Vikings.

There are many uncertainties going into 2022. Will COVID make a comeback? Will Amazon start delivering from drones? Will Tom Brady win yet another Super Bowl? There is however, one certainty: we have a lot of films to look forward to. It was hard to limit this list to just 10 films as there is a tidal wave of releases hitting our screens this year. Not only do we have the planned 2022 releases but we are also starting to see the backlog of films put on hold by COVID filter through to us. So sit back, forget about any other issues and marvel at these 10 pieces of cinema we will get to enjoy this year.

1 – The Batman, 4 March 2022

With nearly every DC fan boarding the hype train, Robert Pattinson will feel a heavy weight on his shoulders portraying cinema’s most iconic dark knight.

Are we over the casting choice for this yet? It came as a shock for many when Twilight actor Robert Pattinson was cast as our next caped crusader. But let’s not forget the incredible and increasingly dark roles he has had recently including The King, The Lighthouse and The Devil All the Time. The film is expected to show Batman’s detective side as he tries to capture the Riddler who is notoriously killing off Gotham’s social elite. We will also get to see Catwoman (Zoe Kravitz) return to the Batman storyline which will remain separate from the DC expanded Universe (Thank God).

Expect a few cliff hangers, HBO want this production to kick off a number of spinoff series for their network.

2 – Thor: Love and Thunder, 8 July 2022

The last remaining member of the big three, how will Thor adapt to a post blip universe and more importantly where does Jane come in?

The Marvel cinematic universe is changing. There is a focus on witches and witchcraft, multiverses and a new era of characters. Yet Thor remains whilst Rogers and Stark have departed our screens. With the exception of Hawkeye he is our last tangible link to the first Marvel films that came out. Little is known about the film yet, with director Taika Waititi describing it as a ‘romance’. This seems accurate as not only will we have the Jane – Thor romance but also the Quinn – Gamora romance, there’s lots of stories to tie up before the film ends.

Jane Foster will return to the franchise but her return and the circumstances around it remain clouded in mystery – with most predicting she will absorb Thor’s powers as per what happens in the comics. Pundits have predicted a main character will be killed off, it is likely to be Drax but rumours are floating about the fate of Thor, Star-Lord and Rocket. If you’re going to only watch one Marvel film this year, make it this one.

3 – Top Gun: Maverick, 27 May 2022

After a number of lengthy delays viewers will finally see Tom Cruise return in one of cinemas’ most ambitious sequels yet.

People asked for it, and now they’ve got it: a sequel to the film which dominated popular culture for years after it was released. With a $152 million budget, Top Gun: Maverick follows Captain Pete Marshall as he continues to fly and train recruits. Marshall is aging and needs to dodge promotions in order to keep his wings. The film centres around him training a group of recruits for a deadly mission of which the ultimate sacrifice will be required.

Expect amazing flight sequences, numerous one liners and a whole bunch of Easter eggs throughout what is predicted to be one epic sequel.

4 – Avatar 2, 16 December 2022

With a speculated budget of $250 million, Avatar 2 will seek to be the watershed film of 2022.

Not much is known about Avatar 2. In all honesty we don’t even know if that’s it’s official title. James Cameron finished shooting the film in 2020 having started it 3 years earlier. It has the biggest budget of 2022 and is likely going to try and wow us with advanced CGI putting even the Marvel Universe to shame. What we do know is that it will follow the characters from the previous film as they face an old threat and are forced to explore new areas of Pandora.

James Cameron might be seeking the Best Picture award this time around, having been beaten last minute by the rightful winner, Hurt Locker, in the 2009 Academy Awards.

5 – Uncharted, 18 February 2022

The video game adaptation movement continues with Uncharted gracing our screens, starring a duo we all very much want to see.

Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg, need we say more? Uncharted has been in the works since 2010 and audiences around the world will finally get to see it this February. If you’ve played the games you’ll know how the story goes if not, imagine a cocky and modern Indiana Jones with more of a comedic side. We’re excited to see the on screen chemistry between Holland and Wahlberg who will no doubt have a tit for tat relationship throughout the film.

Don’t want to see it at the cinema? No biggie, Uncharted has already signed deals with Netflix and Disney for streaming rights.

6 – Lightyear, 17 June 2022

The film nobody asked for but Disney is providing, many questions remain as to how this will link in with the Toy Story franchise if at all.

Build it and they will come. Despite no one asking for this film, I have a feeling everyone is going to be grateful it was made. Lightyear has the potential to be something quite special, focusing on the origin story of the much loved Toy Story character, Buzz Lightyear. From the teaser trailer alone it seems to be a very polished and visually appealing film. My crystal ball seems to tell me this is going to pull at our heartstrings a bit.

With the exploration of space becoming a more and more prominent and exciting part of modern science. Lightyear might be the boost the world needs to get the young generation interested in the subject. Watch this space.

7 – The Northman, 22 April 2022

Our predicted hidden gem of 2022, The Northman looks bloody, gritty and massive on scale.

The Northman is going to be more of a thriller than an action adventure. That’s our prediction at least, information on the film is still running scarce. It will follow Viking prince Amelth as he goes forward on a quest of revenge for his murdered father, with an emphasised look at how far grief will drive the young prince away from morality. Viewers can expect brutal fight scenes with copious amounts of gore and guts, this film is not going to hold back.

A stellar cast has been lined up for this one, with Alexander Skarsgard taking the lead and being supported by the likes of Anya Taylor-Joy, Nicole Kidman, Ethan Hawke and Willem Dafoe.

8 – Scream, 14 January 2022

Let’s be honest, no one knows if this will do well. But it gives us horror loving junkies our fix until Halloween.

Scream or to use it’s proper title, Scream 5, is the first film on our list to arrive this year. The fifth instalment in the franchise is hoping to wipe the slate clean and relaunch the franchise with a fresh cast supported by the familiar faces of Courtney Cox and David Arquette. Scream will be set once again in the town of Woodsboro where a new killer will wear the Ghostface mask and begin targeting a group of teenagers in order to resurface old dark secrets of the town. So, yes, you know the drill.

In a world where directors and producers are trying new techniques and edgy complicated stories throughout their new films, maybe we can take comfort in that Scream will simply be the good old fashioned slasher fest we’re used to.

9 – Ambulance, 25 March 2022

Michael Bay returns with this intriguing plot which will no doubt end in car crashes, elaborate action sequences and well… explosions.

In many ways this will be a typical Michael Bay movie. Two bank robbers pull off a heist during which they shoot an LAPD officer. The hitch? They try to escape inside an ambulance with a paramedic and the shot police officer inside. Watch the trailer and you will see a snippet of octane fuelled police chases, helicopter stunts, quick shooting sequences and a lot of sweating. But this has a very interesting premise and the story seems genuinely intriguing.

In 2022 where America sits the most polarised it’s been in a long time, particularly towards law enforcement, lets put a bank robber and a critically injured police officer in a getaway chase together. Something poignant might just be created here.

10 – Jurassic World: Dominion, 10 June 2022

The first Jurassic World movie which is not like any of it’s predecessors, are we going to finally see an apocalyptic world not filled with zombies but… dinosaurs?

This is the Jurassic World movie we’ve been waiting for. We’ve seen the parks, the islands and the enclosures. Been there, done that and got the t-shirt. Jurassic World: Dominion, however, looks like it will change that narrative. Set four years after the previous film, Dominion is going to show the situation around the world at the release of wild dinosaurs along with those that corporations have purchased for their own gain. Will humanity be living in unity with these ancient beasts? Will they instead be hunted by them? Or, more likely, will it be a mix of that? Dominion is bringing out the big guns with Sam Neill and Laura Dern returning along with Jeff Goldblum, Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard.

Franchise and dino-lovers fear not, this is likely not the end of the Jurassic World universe with Dominion meant to simply mark a new era whereby humans will now have to live alongside dinosaurs. I’m getting Planet of the Apes vibes…

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