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Don’t Breathe 2

Release Date: 13th August 2021 (Worldwide)

Ok ok we’re sorry, yes another sequel but hear us out…

The first film could not go wrong if it tried – a blind man wrecking havoc on a bunch of teenage assholes, yes please. Even if he did have rather questionable motives by the end of the movie…

Set 8 years after the original, this sequel is going to follow a similar structure – a number of intruders on Norman Nordstrom’s [Stephen Lang] property this time seeking to take his dubiously obtained new 11 year old daughter, Phoenix, away from him.

Venom: Let There Be Carnage

Release Date: September 15th 2021 (United Kingdom)

I was not expecting much when I watched the first film, already having my superhero / villain fix from the onslaught of Marvel Studios. But all my concerns were pushed to the side the moment I started watching. Seeing Tom Hardy play a down beaten, messy and depressed character [Eddie Brock] who does not get much better throughout the films course was fantastic to watch.

I look forward to the second instalment which we still know little about other than it culminating in a showdown between Eddie Brock and Cletus Kasady [Woody Harrelson]

The Last Duel

Release Date: October 15th 2021 (United States)

Now this is the film we are most excited for in 2021. Set in 14th Century France this historical drama follows a knight [Matt Damon] whose wife [Jodie Comer] accuses his squire [Adam Driver] of raping her. Without the help of modern day forensics, a just court system or a crystal ball to see who is lying Damon’s character challenges Driver’s to a duel. (Myths suggest this was the last official duel for the whole of France)

Duels are an intriguing concept in the middle ages, used to settle grievances when evidence is lacking – for all you Game of Thrones fans think trial by combat. Part of me thinks we should bring it back for today’s politicians.

From just the two minute trailer this film appears to tackle issues with religion, chivalry and feminism in 14th Century France. The action seems gritty and completed mostly with practical effects. The cast is stellar, bringing titans together with the only real question being … can Matt Damon speak in an English accent whilst simultaneously being part of the French aristocracy? Time will tell.

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